Sweet P, if airport searches offend you, then life aint getting any easier, at least for you.

If they had been able to search the same Muslim dudes who did a dry run of the Sep. 11 plans a month prior to the attacks instead of being shut down by anti-racism/profiling rules, the WTC would still be standing.

But nobody told you they did a dry run, did you? They actually did a few of them, and the actor James Woods was in first class with them and noticed their behavior.
They had no luggage, they all sat down and didnt talk to anybody, didnt drink a drop of alcohol OR water, didnt eat anything, didnt even talk to each other. They dismissed flight attendants when offered services.
Originally stated in the Boston Globe on Oct 11, 2001
They only sat upright in their seats, occasionally conversing with each other in low tones. Woods mentioned what he had noticed to a flight attendant, "who shrugged it off." Arriving in Los Angeles, Woods told airport authorities, but they "seemed unwilling to become involved.
How fitting. And you've never heard the story because its been covered up by the media who is so afraid of offending anyone that they wont tell the real news. It was in the newspaper, tucked neatly in the back behind Ziggy and the jumble.

You're going to think I'm a racist for saying this, but there are stereotypes for a reason. Certain people do certain things.
Black people consume more fruit-flavored soda than white people do. THEY ******* DO. I lived in SF and every black dude on the street had grape or strawberry soda. Or a sprite, but sprite has recently infused themselves with the whole hip-hop culture(quite successfully, I may add).
I dont know why, but most of the (probably 85% the jewish people I know drive very large cars, Lincolns or Buicks.
All of my white friends own guns.
All of the white people who are not my friends wear the same **** from Abercrombie. Its getting hard to tell white people apart nowadays, really.
Oh speaking of Abercrombie, one of my black female friends from muh college days refused to shop at Abercrombie because she didnt like the 'all American white boy' attitude and look of the store, and you know what? There is nothing wrong with her objection.

And on black comedians, they are able to talk about white people because whites, for the most part, arent so sensitive to recism and stuff. They can throw slurrs at us all day and we'll still be asking 'is that supposed to anger me?' White people can take lots of abuse like that, and its funny to us. A white guy who gets on stage and does the same thing about black people or chinese, etc, will be met with a little more negative a response because he's throwing it at people who DO get offended by it...for whatever reason.

As for Vivica A Fox, those ads are pasted, broadcasted, and viewed in places where white people are most likely to be. In SF they are put downtown where the supposed rich white majority hangs out. On the radio they are played constantly on classic and contemporary rock stations. And do you not care about Vivica A Fox telling you to stop being a white opressor?
You wonder why it pisses me off because you are not called a racist all day just to go home and have miss Fox on the radio telling me to stop being racist. Yeah it happens. Allen, I never said that the ads were racist, I just want to say that they are extremely offensive, worthless, and just keep racism(the very thing its trying to prevent) at the forefront of societal issues.