Garry Frank ask me to let everyone know he has some gym equipment for sale. He's making room for more power racks to train his H.S. powerlifting team on. He's training about 40 kids!

Here's what he's got:

Body Masters:

Military bench 250.
Military bench (selectorizes) 450.
Dip/Tricep (selectorized) 450.
Preacher curl (selectorized) 450.
Lat pulldow/Low row combo (selectorized) 850.
Assisted Dip/Chinup (plate loaded) 450.


Incline bench 250.
Decline bench 250.
Seated preacher curl bench 200.


Lat pulldown (plate loaded) 450.

Hammer Strength:

Combo Lat pulldown/Incline bench (plate loaded) 900.


3 - single tier DB racks 150. ea. or all 3 for 300.

Garry said he'll negotiate prices if you want multiple items. He's in Baton Rouge, La.

His computer is down so call him at:

225-241-8154 if he doesn't answer leave a message and your #.