I have a somewhat stupid question on DE bench work. My wife has been struggling with her bench. Part of that is biomechanics (she has long arms and a wide, but not deep chest). Part of it is just muscle weakness.

In an effort to correct the weakness, we started incorporating incline presses in place of flat bench on DE days. We've worked through a couple of 4 week cycles using chain with the incline and bands. She hit a pr 230 (at 141 lbs) off a 3 board last week and needed a finger tip off a 2 board in a relatively loose single ply phenom. She also hit a 10 lb PR on the flat bench with a fat bar (these are big numbers for her with her bench).

We have not tried an actual competition bench because it is not that time yet in her training, but I am expecting what looks like significant carryover.

My question is has anyone any experience subsituting incline for flat bench? If so how did you cycle the DE days (ie with our 4 week cycles, 4 weeks straight weight, 4 weeks with chain, add a half chain a week, etc)? My thought is approach it exactly the same as if the bench was flat.