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Thread: I know it's been discussed a million times, but wtf??? - macros vs. calories

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    Quote Originally Posted by Belial View Post
    You and I will have to disagree intensely here. Anaerobic "exercise"? That is very much NOT the only time anaerobic pathways are used. The effort required to get up out of your chair, pick up a bag, walk uphill or go up a single flight of stairs (or single step) can temporarily overwhelm the body's aerobic energy systems, which means glucose becomes a vital fuel.
    I guess I shouldn't have said "exercise", but anaerobic respiration in general, you know what I meant. Obviously the body is never getting 100% of its energy from only one process.

    I will always disagree about performance on high fats low carbs however. Glycogen levels are important yes, but that has nothing to do with where the majority of your calories are coming from throughout the day. The OP was asking about putting on weight not running a marathon. Would it be stupid for a marathon runner to go low carb right before his race? Yes... The point I'm trying to make is adding quality mass doesn't require shit loads of carbs like so many believe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Invain View Post
    The point I'm trying to make is adding quality mass doesn't require shit loads of carbs like so many believe.
    This I will absolutely agree on.

    Everything else merits its own discussion. At a later date, I'm sure.
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    Belial is pretty much always right :/

    I think in terms of scientific background + applications to the real world, the stuff he writes is worth listening too imo...
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