Alright guys heres my deal....

I cut 30 pounds in like 30 moths but i went border line anerexic except the only thing i lost was muscle mass...Since i stopped my phyco diet like a month ago ive done nothing but gain 3 pounds....Maybe muscle....prolly not...I still have my gut and my pecs look like mountains again...well maybe not mountains but hills...rather then bricks.....n e ways its time to get serious about 15 and i have some things going for me and against me...For me: I have the will power and right now im PUMPED to loose weight...Against me: I work at Mc Donalds..l0l....For me: I can with stand any urge after going anerexic kinda....Against me i have no patence....For me: Im willing to take any advice u may have. Heres a couple ideas i have....I wanna do 6 meals a day. This is definitly gaurunted to work..right? Now i got to meals planned out Protein shake post workout....2 Proetin bars pre workout....Now theres nothing i can eat at mickey d's thats dieable is there...How about chicken fajatas they contain green peppers, onions, tommatos, grilled chicked and a fajatia. Is that ok as a meal. And what is good for breakfast is 2 eggs with no butter good or more eggs just without all the yolks...Also what is Keto'ing? Is that a good diet? Tell me sraight out can someone who wants to gain in lifting have a chance to loose a gut my the end of the summer. Like i wanna go from about 20-23% bf to 10 or below. Right now i weigh 175 i bet if cut to 160 id look a hel of alot better is that possible? Alright sorry for writing so much but ill really appreciat being helped.