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Thread: list your hiit cardio routines

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    list your hiit cardio routines

    I did cardio the other day and it was not as bad as I remembered

    I did 15 mins on a bike doing 30 sec intervals. It was just a pre programmed interval 1 set up that went from 54 revolutions per minute, up to 78, then to 54 then to 65 etc.

    Then I did 15 mins on the tread mill jusr running and sprinting in short bursts.

    I want to put together a good hiit cardio routine I can improve on.

    How do you improve on a cardio routine? Longer time overall? Longer sprinting? Faster sprinting? Faster slow intervals?

    Whats the best way?

    Also how would I add incline running into the mix? Does anyone know any good hiit routines?

    I was thinking something like this next time.


    15 mins at interval level 2 (next level up) on the bike.


    20 mins in the treadmill

    2 mins warm up

    1 min at a light jogging speed followed by 30 secs of fast running.

    repeated repeated 10 times in all which is 15 minuties

    3 min warm down.


    Thats a total of 35 mins cardio. I am going to perform this at least 2 times a week, 3 sometimes.

    So what ya think?

    To tell the truth I am not even that worried about the advantages of hiit over normal flat running but it spices things up and bores me less.

    oh and how would i add incline into this?


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    Try to improve your rest intervals and intensity levels in a set time period.
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