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Thread: Sleep Question????

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    Sleep Question????

    Ok i was not sure where to post this but i figure it goes kind of in the line with this link. I work 2 jobs I get up at 2:55 am 4-5 days a week and work from 4:30am till 1:30pm. Then I go to the gym from 2pm-3or 3:30pm. Then I head to my 2nd job from 4pm till 9pm. Then finally home to go to bed. I am only getting 5 to 5.5 hrs of sleep a night on days I work and day I don't work I am getting 8-10 hrs of sleep.

    I know that Sleep is the 2nd most important thing for growing muscles to get them bigger and stronger. Now with me only getting a few hours each day does this mean it will take me twice as long as to see the results?

    I always work out on days I have to work bc my gym is at work and its free. I need both jobs to pay the bills and on my days off it would be 80 miles round trip to go to the gym and i can't afford to spend that much gas. I am hoping to get on to a Fire dept soon and only work one job!!!! (fingers Crossed)

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    I moved this to bodybuilding and weight training.

    First off you have my respect to work two jobs from 3 am until 9 pm to make ends meet.

    With regard to your question I would certainly not say your progress will be cut in half. IMO it's less an issue of actually recovering throughout the night as it is being too run down to perform at your best in the gym. I'm not stating that I believe rest itself to be unequivocal if one were to still manage to get in the same intensity in their workouts. More rest is still going to be better. I'm just drawing attention to the secondary effect of lack of sleep that is going to effect ones performance in the gym, and therefore effect ones gains much moreso than an equivalent workout with a few hours less sleep afterwards.

    Having said that, if I were in your shoes (and I have been) I would scale back your workouts to train at an intensity and volume that you know you can consistently keep up with. Any more is mostly a waste and detrimental. Any less is the same as giving less than all you're capable of with enough rest. Hope that makes sense and helps.
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    You can still progress. How is your training going?

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    Certainly not ideal, but many people have done very well with less.

    My advice would be, on your days off, to really make sure you get plenty of sleep, and get your food prepared as best you can so you have one less thing to worry about and you won't have to totally rely on fast food during the week.
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