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Thread: So I finally Pulled the Trigger

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    So I finally Pulled the Trigger

    I have been mulling over a new deadlift suit for quite some time.
    Saturday I finally made my final decision and based on how much I love my 2 ply Overkill shirt I decided to continue the trend and go with a 2ply Overkill deadlift.

    Rudy is going to cut it for a conventional style and I also added the velcro straps to help with some weight fluctuation.

    Very excited. Anyone who has any experience lifting in the Poly suits please chime in. Thanks


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    My wife, Kristin pulls 285(sumo) in her Overkill suit at 4:50, at 5:25 I pull 7 plates, and at 5:38 I hit a PR of 735(conventional).

    All using Overkill 2-ply deadlift suits. I should add that my wife's is really loose as she just dropped a weight class.

    Keep the straps LOOSE and drop your hips back and down to start the pull.

    The suit has been great for me, I pull in it without briefs and I keep hitting PR's a year in to the life of the suit.
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    good call on having velcro straps. they are extremely helpful in every way you can imagine. you can read my reviews on all the PL gear I had in a thread I made in this PL section

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    Sounds good, a review would be cool when you get it
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    Thanks for the Vid Bar

    jtteg_x my last suit had sewn straps and due to my height and the fact that it was a stock size it developed some bad habits in my posture. Lifting raw has done a lot to correct that and I figured now with a customer suit and adjustable straps I can dial it in a bit more exact now.

    Build time is approx 6 weeks but as soon as I get it and get some workouts in I will give a very in depth review

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