Hey everybody, I just competed in a local strongman competition at our rec center today (and won). The thing is, it was at my rec center and I have been getting encouragement from friends to go forward with strongman.

My question is... where do I start? How do I go about training for strongman or even should I be picking up gear?

My current stats:
A: 22
H: 5'7"
W: 197

Today's Events .
Tire throw: 32'10"
Tire flip: 49.22 secs
Farmers Carry (100/arm): 9.27 seconds
Truck Pull (70s Dodge Ram): 24.34 seconds

I feel like these were scratch events and want to do more. Thing is I have no idea where to begin.

Me after the event...thanks to thecityalive for video taping and taking this photo!

Any tips would be great!