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Thread: speed strength & strength speed; for you westside guys

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    speed strength & strength speed; for you westside guys

    So I came across a really great article:

    A bit dated really, but I doubt much has changed.

    I'm a thrower. I train for explosiveness so that I can throw farther. On my speed days I go as heavy as possible while maintaining 1m/s concentric bar speed. I have tendo-like unit that I can measure bar speed with to make sure I'm hitting where I need to be.

    I'd just like some clarification on a few points.

    1) acommodating resistance. Article says 75% accomodating w/ 25% bar weight for speed strength (>1m/s) and 50/50 for strength speed (~.5-.7m/s). Is this correct? Sounds like an awful lot of bands. Are these for geared lifters or raw? What would the ratio for accomodating resistance be for raw lifters if it is different?

    2) on the strength speed days (slower&heavier), what kind of rep scheme is used? same as the faster days?

    3) how many days a week would you work the plyo jumps? twice around conditioning?

    My off-season is quickly approaching. I'll be training 3 days lifting and 3 days throwing (one of those is a 2/day so that I can get 2 full days rest).

    Monday = oly movments + assistance work
    Tuesday = heavy
    Thursday = speed

    I'm going to rotate front squat, back squat, sumo pulls, conventional pulls, flat and incline bench. Whichever 3 I do on heavy day, I'll do the opposite on speed day and vice versa the following week. I'll probably deload every 5-6 weeks, maybe work up to some heavy singles on the 6th week before shutting it down. Haven't decided yet.

    Biggest thing I'm curious on is the rep scheme for the strength speed stuff. Thoughts?
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