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Thread: Just finished a half-week of max outs and testing.

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    Just finished a half-week of max outs and testing.

    We do it at the beginning of every Track season. It was fun, but also a little annoying because I didn't lift much all summer and thus didn't feel prepared to max out (I worked 50-60 hours a week at a physically stressful warehouse job). Testing was done Monday (30yd Sprint, Standing Long Jump, Snatch) Tuesday (Overhead Shotput Throw, 3-Hop, Power Clean) and Wednesday (Bench, Squat)
    Anyways, here's what I did.

    Standing Long Jump - 9'2" (PR is 9'5" from over 2 years ago...don't know how I did that, multiple times in a row even)
    Three Consecutive Jump/3-Hop - 29'5" PR
    Snatch - 155 (technically a PR, I've never done snatches)
    Power Clean - 255 PR, I feel like I have a lot more in me (I want to hit 275 by the new year) but my form is terrible so I don't want to push it
    Bench Press - 250 PR, I also want to bench 275 by the new year, I think I could've hit 260 today if I had a better warmup
    Squat - 370 PR, 35lb PR and this really surprised me, I even had spotters making sure I broke parallel so it wasn't a cheat rep by any means. 355 went up smooth as hell so I tried 370 which went up quite slow, but still surprisingly smooth. Didn't move up from there because I don't like to push my luck. Cool beans, I guess.

    Height: 6'2.5"
    Weight: 186.2 (I actually weighed 179 early last week. My weight fluctuates like crazy but even so this is the heaviest I've ever been)
    Bodyfat: 7.2% (I was a little worried about the 186, seeing this made me feel better)

    I'm a little sad I weighed in at 186 because this means I still haven't Squatted 2x my bodyweight despite a huge PR. Oh well, win some / lose some, right?
    ::::::::::::::::::::Updated 9-16-11::::::::::::::::::::
    Deadlift 1x5 @ 408 Squat Max @ 370
    CG Bench 1x7 @ 225 Power Clean Max @ 235
    W Chinups 3x10 @ +50 Dips 1x5 @ +115

    Height - 6'3 Weight - 194lbs Age - 21

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    I'd say those are great #'s for someone that didn't lift much this summer.

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    damn 7.2 % bf, you are fucking shredded.

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