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Thread: Thank you for all the advice!

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    Thank you for all the advice!

    Well, with what everyone on this site told me, as well as what Mark Bell told me a few weeks ago when he was up here, I put it into action and finally touched in my Overkill bench shirt. I have a meet in 10 days and did my squat and bench opener tonight and worked up to touch with 615lbs and it moved pretty well. As beat up as I am from my meet lead up these past few weeks, I feel it will be a pretty solid opener. This is the first time I have ever touched in a bench shirt and it is my first shirt I have owned. Cutting it close this close to the meet but I just want the learning experience as this is my first multiply meet. So, thanks again everybody for the advice! Here's the video!

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    damn impressive for first shirt and first time touching. excellent work! which meet will you be competing at?

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    Thanks man, much appreciated it. I can't wait to see what happens when I actually know what I am doing haha. I will be doing Northwest Iron Wars in Lynnwood, WA. Last meet on the west coast until I hike it back to Detroit in November.

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    Best of luck!!
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