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    warm-up & prehab

    Lets get a good discussion going. What does your warm-up routine and stretching look like?

    I personally have limited time to warm-up, so foam rolling is out of the question pre or post workout.

    My warmup is mostly all dynamic:

    straigth leg kicks x10
    high knees x10
    rdl x10
    groin stretch x5 (2 seconds each side)
    seated hip flexor stretch x5 (2 seconds each)
    bodyweight squats x10
    band discolates x10
    band external rotation x10
    side raises x10

    and I'm typically ready to go for a session. This takes me about 7-10 mins to complete.

    In the evenings I static stretch and roll:

    static stretching
    seated hamstring stretch
    seated groin stretch
    hip flexor stretch (ass against a wall, back on the ground, feet in fully squatted position, push knees out)
    standing quad stretch
    standing IT band stretch (straighen left leg, cross the right around in front and bend the right to stretch)
    glute stretch (left leg bent and to the right in front of me, right leg full extended behind me, lean down and push chest to knee)
    seated IT band stretch (left leg straight, right leg bent and crossed over right, pull knee into chest)

    foam roller
    IT band

    lacrosse ball

    The stretching/foamrolling takes me about 30 minutes. I try to do it 4-5x a week.
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