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Thread: Training With a Bad Back

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    Training With a Bad Back

    I recently blew out my lowest back disk doing deadlifts. I just had surgery in which most of that disk was removed (although the disk area was not fused).

    I am not sure what the long term effects of such a surgery will be or how the disk removal will effect my ability to lift.

    Does anyone have experience in lifting after a lower back injury? Is there certain approach I should be taking to recover from the injury? Are there specific routines I should follow once I am healed? Can I still deadlift or squat once I am healed (my biggest concern!)?

    Any thoughts or ideas are greatly appreciated.

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    First what does your doctor say about training?

    It sucks that you had to have disk surgery, I was told that it should be your last option, doctors are often to jumpy to recommend surgery.

    Anyway sorry I can't be of any help, best thing I can say is talk to your doctor or go to a sports therapist and see what they say about training with squats and deads.

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    Definitely see a sports medicine specialist; since the vertebrae weren't fused, you should be ok after you've healed, but definitely don't take my word on that.

    There's a lot that can be done to work with or around a bad back.
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    I've hurt my back pretty bad before, I could hardly walk for the first week and had trouble walking for a few months after that. The pain lasted close to 6 months. It must not have been anything serious, cuz when I finally went to a doctor they found absolutely nothing......I hate doctors.....shoulda never let my friends talk me into going....what a waste of money

    oh, my point, I'd recommend not lifting for awhile, cuz no matter what the lift is you gotta pick the weight up to use it.

    As for long term, who knows, I'm still hoping to start squatting again mahself.
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