So my shipment of blue raspberry RESULTS came in yesterday and I figured I would give my initial reactions on some minor things like flavoring, mixability, and such.

Keep in mind, I am writing this as someone who has been drinking Tropical Fruit Punch RESULTS for a long time.


Flavor: Very good. Hits almost like a raspberry/blueberry mixture with a dumb-dumb after taste. I remember previous mixtures of Tropical Fruit Punch being chalky tasting on the way down and the finish. This does not. It does finish very sweet though. I suppose it's better than other reactions.

Mixability: quick, shakes well, nothing clumped up when I made a serving. The powder is VERY fine.

Be careful if you get any on your fingers as it does quite the job of staining. I can only imagine how it stains on clothes. Bottom line: Be clean.

I do love this flavor better than Tropical Fruit Punch. As a person who mixes Nitrean+ and RESULTS, I'm curious to see how this will taste with chocolate Nitrean+

Rock on.