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Thread: Open letter of Nicholas Vitkevich to president WPC Mike Sweeney

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    Open letter of Nicholas Vitkevich to president WPC Mike Sweeney

    Good day Mike
    This Nicholas Vitkevich, one of the founders of the WPC in Russia. If you remember, I wrote to you about the problems that began in the WPC – Russia in 2009.
    Unfortunately, you did not intervene in the situation and did not prevent unfair disqualification of Andrei Paley, one of the strongest powerlifters of the world, the absolute champion of the WPC. Andrei was disqualified for personal conflict with Yuri Ustinov. In fact, it led to the fact that all the best organizers and Eurasia Group promoters have turned away from Ustinov and began to hold competitions without him.

    At the tournament, «Golden Tiger-5″, which is organized by Andrew Repnitsyn (also expelled from WPC by Ustinov) and Andrew Paley more than 1,100 lifters have competed, including an excellent American team and you can see their feedback. I never thought that in the coming years we will be able to scale any vent as big as the world championship tournament in Rostov in 2009, but it was done in 2011 at the «Golden Tiger -5″. In the desire to prevent the «Golden Tiger – 5″, Yuriy Ustinov tried to organize an alternative World Cup WPC, which you have authorized. Not only this WPC World Cup C was bad in unsuitable premises, but two events have happened that are fatal to the survival of WPC in Russia.

    During WPC World Cup, famous powerlifter Vladimir Maximov was insulted and humiliated. Due to the fact that he was going to compete at Golden Tiger after WPC World Cup, judges made “honest mistakes” judging his lifts, thus showing disregard for the rules of WPC and ostentatiously spit on the idea of theopen competition. WPC World Cup organizers wrote a letter to the police demanding to ban the «Golden Tiger -5″ as unlawful competition, that is absurd, since the tournament was prepared with the participation of representatives of all local authorities in the region and for the Sverdlovsk region it is analog of «Arnold Classic». As a result of the incident, leading teams and athletes who remained in the WPC, one after another began to publicly announce the boycott further competitions of WPC.

    I can only regret about what happened, I hope you can something in this situation, which may reduce the scandal.

    Vladimir Maksimov on Cup Word WPC RAW bench press 260kg – no lift 272.5kg – no lift (judging is full fu*кing )
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    It's sad there are politics in everything.

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    wow.... obviously in the videos we can't really tell if he lifts his butt from the bench.... but those looked good to me.

    Shame when politics work their way in to our sport like this.
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