I have been told by my doctor that I require open surgery to tighten a muscle deep in my shoulder joint by removing a piece to solve my shoulder instability as heavy overhead lifting causes severe aching and pain, for about a week - 2 weeks in 1 shoulder, although I've never felt any pain during lifting, if anything it usually feels good at the time, but then feels like I've been hit with a baseball bat within 24 hours. I've had it since I started lifting a couple years ago and each time its got worse pain-wise, last time after I did some press-ups with my hands too far apart, asfar as I'm aware there's never been any tears its just something in the joint that could be becoming irritated by the looseness. Never affected my bench either, or horizontal rows, only shoulder-specific lifts, which I avoided in the end

Does anybody know anything about shoulder instability? The surgeon I spoke to just said "everything would be fine" and that I should be lifting 100% in about a year, does this mean actual shoulder-specific lifts or would I have work around this surgery forever? I don't intend to rush back into lifting at all, but would like to know that I could 1 day be lifting intensely again or boxing/physical upper-body exercise

Right now the pros & cons are pretty equal and I'm due for surgery in a few weeks, just don't want to end up in a worse position, like make it susceptible to tears in the future, especially after not being able to lift for so long after, I've gotten in the best shape of my life in spite of this and it doesn't affect me day-to-day just lifting, so I'd be doing this purely for lifting reasons, I don't know how in-depth my surgeons gym knowledge is