About a year and a half ago I had Gastric Bypass surgery. In that year and a half I have lost 300 pounds. I am about 6Ď6 and 225 pounds now. The problem is I am extremely weak. I drink protein shakes, take vitamins, and all the things suppose to keep me healthy.

Anyway I decided to start lifting weights as I noticed moving furniture how weak I was. I bought myself a 25 pound weight to start off with and sadly I found that I canít even curl it one single time. I literally canít raise it anymore than a couple of inches. I went back and got a 15 pound weight that I have been working with. I can do about 10 typical curls with it on each arm before my arm feels like it about ready to fall off. I can do about 3 sets (changing arms each 10 curls) before I can no longer raise the weight at all.

I am wondering if any of you may have some suggestions on some other exercise I might try. Some general advice would be great too. I was naturally very strong before surgery but now it is like I am in another person as weak as I am. I use to be a 60 hour a week furniture mover so this has completely blown me away with the weakness. It came as a complete surprise to me that I was not prepared for. Not really sure where I should even start to proceed with this.

Any advice or suggestions would be great. I am pretty troubled by this.