I've only started to train properly(as far as diet is concerned) the last couple of months:

How does my current program look:

Upper 1

1A Bench Press 3*3-5

2A Chin Ups 3* Max Reps
2B Weighted Pushups 3*8-10

3A Face Pulls w/band 3*8-10
3B DB Curls 3*8-10

1A Deadlift 3-5 RM
2A Unilateral leg movement 3*8-10
3A Posterior chain(Back Extension/Natural glute ham raise) 3*8-10

Upper 2

1A Incline DB Press 3*8-10
1B Pullups 3* Max Reps

2A Weighted Pushups 3*8-10
2B Horizontal pull 3*8-10

3A Curls 3*8-10
3B Face Pulls/Band pullaparts 3*8-10

My current numbers are:
Squat 95kg
Deadlift 115kg
Bench 70kg
Chinsups 11

I've had to tweak things with injuries.
I cannot dip or shoulder press due to a shoulder problem.
I only started deadlifting again recently.I was using the front squat for my main lift but started getting knee trouble.I intend to deadlift now for 3 weeks and maintain my squat on the fourth week.