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Thread: HCT-12 Question

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    HCT-12 Question

    I am changing my routine to the HCT-12 routine since I have read some good things about it. I have a few questions though:

    As I understand it you just do sets of 6 until you can't do anymore? Then three sets of 2 with 30 sec. rest periods? How many sets of 6 shoud I am for? I could be there all day or only have two sets depending where I start and what 'jumps' i attempt.

    Also, what about bodyweight lifts?? The routine suggests starting the day with chinup/pullups...but says nothing about a rep scheme for them?

    What do you guys like to do for this routine? Thanks in advance!

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    This has been answered loads dude.

    Basically its auto regulated, so you do as many as you wish by nothing that will burn you out before the big set of 6+2+2+2. For example:

    20kg x10 (warm up set)
    40kg x10 (warm up set)
    60kg x6 (easy)
    80kg x6 (easy)
    100kg x6 (med intensity)
    110kg x6 (little more difficult from this i think i could make 120)
    120kg x6+2+2+2

    This could change depending on how you feel, somedays you just feel super strong and these are the days you make to take advantage of pushing higher weights! The key to every program is progressive overload, try and beat your clusters as often as possible and don't burn yourself out on the other sets.

    Hope this helps

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    Oh and for the BW lifts, just use assistance machine if you can't lift yourself? It follows exactly the same principles. Check my log or others in the journal section and have a look!

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    I usually try and keep my total sets for one exercise between 4-6 (MAX). I try to get a good warmup set in load on to an easy set, and usually 2 sets of decent weight before I hit my load for 6 and the clusters.

    I don't remember seeing anywhere to do the body weight exercises first, but I haven't incorporated them in a while since I don't have a weighted belt. If you don't have access to a weighted dip belt I'd try and get one or don't do body weight exercises, unless you can't reach 6 reps as is.

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    When I did HCT-12 I never counted warm-ups as part of my set total.

    I basically tallied about 4-5 work sets then went into the last 6+2+2+2
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