I want to see how you all feel about this with regards to bodybuilding, because I know in powerlifting you have to hit depth or else the lift doesn't count.

I fully understand the importance of hitting depth with squats....I have been making it a point to go below parallel for years now (I learned from starting strength how to squat).

However, I sometimes find myself sacrificing depth for weight. I'll hit depth on all my warmup sets, and then when it comes down to the final set or sets, I find I may not go down all the way. If I were to lower the weight, this wouldn't be a problem, but you all know how it goes....you feel like you should be doing that certain weight....it's an ego thing I guess.

I'm thinking that next squat day, I'm not going to count anything that doesn't reach full depth. I will definitely need to lower the weight, but I think I will benefit more....I'm not sure though.

What are all your thoughts on this - going full depth as much as you can, but possibly sacrificing depth on your last set or sets just so you can use that weight?