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Thread: Some training video from the Power Pit

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    Some training video from the Power Pit

    Just wanted to share some recent training video with you guys.... feel free to comment.

    As we get closer to the 2012 season I'll probably post more often, but for now....

    The first one is from this weekend.... half of the crew on their first bench day for Lexen's meet, the other half ( including me and the wife) on our second squat day...
    I ended up misloading everything by 20 lbs.... so I tried to take a grand, but misloaded light..... next time.


    The second video is from last weekend's Bench-a-palooza...
    Team XXX powerlifting came down from Michigan, Luyando brought his team out, and Roger Ryan came up to make all of us young guns look like amateurs.... this was my first heavy workout since a wrist injury at Senior NAtionals and I ended with a 2-board PR thanks to Big Rob's coaching.... I can't say it enough, if you ever get a chance to work with Luyando TAKE IT. The man is a freaking wizard. I missed 825 to a three board and with a small tweak he got me to hit it to a 2-board for a 10lb PR. Unfortunately we didn't get video of Darilyn's 505.... after missing it once, she came back to SMASH it.... unreal how strong all of that team is.


    Hopefully all of this will pay off in 19 weeks at the Lexen meet.
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    Great videos!!!
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