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Thread: cardio during bulk

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    cardio during bulk

    is a good idea to do cardio during a bulk, primarily to burn off whatever fat gets stored during the bulk, as long as you maintain a caloric surplus?

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    It won't help to keep fat down much (other than the obvious burning of calories), cardio is just good during a bulk for general health and also some people find it helps with recovery. You wouldn't want to do too much of it though, two 30min sessions weekly would be all I would do, but others may have different opinions

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    In a bulk, you'll put on some fat, even if you're eating 'clean' foods. I don't think cardio would do much good, BUT, I'd keep doing it, it won't hurt. No big long 1-1.5 hour sessions, but like greemah said, I'd keep it 30 minutes or so.
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    A little extra conditioning is always a good thing for recovery and health. But if fat loss or maintenance is your goal, concentrate on diet.

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