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    after that recent Jay Cutler thread, I wanted to start a thread to discuss & critique the various therapies out there. Like what do you guys use for recovery, to treat an injury? Therapies to stay flexible & for joint health? etc.

    Which therapies have you found beneficial? which ones you feel are quack?
    Chiropractic, ART myofascial, massage, accupuncture, etc.

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    Rest, nutrition, proper warmups, and stretching are what I usually use. If anything major pops up, then I let the doctors or PTs fix me up.

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    I never put much faith into Chiros until I started going to one about 6 months ago. Lou noticed my benches started coming up crooked and highly suggested I get adjusted. Turns out he was right, I was way out of alignment. I go once a month now to keep things together and I've noticed a lot less pain in my upper back

    ART is great, but I only go probably a few times a year. Usually I'm able to keep things managed with stretching and lacrosse ball massage.

    I don't really like typical massages any more. they don't do much of anything for me.

    The biggest factor is finding a quality therapist in any of the fields. I've seen crappy ART and chiros which tends to taint people's view of the profession as a whole. The only field I'd find kinda suspect is acupuncture, but I have no experience with it. Just seems kinda weird to me but that's not very scientific of an opinion I suppose lol

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    The problem with any of the above as travis stated is finding a quality practitioner in any field. I use ART every 2-3 weeks on trouble areas for myself and I get deep tissue massages done every 3 weeks all over to help keep muscles pliable. The only proble with physical therapy is its very hard to find one who really knows how to help an athlete and push them to recover. I have seen many just go thru the typical protocols of rehab and in the end it doesn't help the issue because other factors were the cause and that ends up costing a lot.

    If I have an injury I always go to an orthopedic first to diagnose me (fourtunatley I have access to one of the best in the country) then unless its a tear of something broke I go to my ART guy to start with some ultrasound and myofascial release and keep up on my stretching as well.

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    OK, what's "ART"...?

    For my shoulder injury, the story line went like this:

    Went to my Sports Med PT, he gave me some stretching & strengthening to do. That helped 25%.
    Still frustrated after 3 weeks, I went to a good (and expensive) ortho doctor and shelled out $500.00 for an exam and cortisone injection. That got me up to 60%-70% recovered, but still unable to do pressing movements.
    Finally two weeks later I did a regimen of 2 iburpofin every 4 hours around the clock non stop for 10 days. That did it.
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    Active Release Technique

    Basically... elbows driven into your body to break up stubborn knots/ fascia scarring.
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