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Thread: I almost flunk in English....

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    I almost flunk in English....

    damn....i was this close from getting a F on my English exam...

    The teacher handed out the results of our English exam today. Everyone got their results back except me. She dissmissed the entire class (they got to go home one hour early...fookers) becuase she wanted to talk to me about my exam. Naturally i was scared as shiat, didn't know what to do.

    So, i went to this conference room, and there was the principal and 4 english teachers there (BTW all of the english teachers at my school have the ph.D-degree in english, so they are pretty ******* smart).

    The principle went straight to the point. He said that they were going to flunk me (give me a F) in English if I didn' t give them a good enough explanation of what i had done on my exam, ignoring the rules like that. The thing was that the exam question said "Pick a literary text which you have worked with this year, tell about the plot, main characters and analyse it....blabla".

    What I had done, was that I had written that I didn't find any of the texts, which we had read this year, interesting and that it was not worth my time to write about the plot and main characthers. Instead of that I wrote about the issues the text brought up...which btw was a kick ass essay about abortion.

    Two of the teachers told me that they were willing to give me a F, just to make me straighten up a bit, and take school more serious. hahah i told them, and I quote ; "A genious like myself don't know of any boundaries. A form of rules cannot be suppressed on a genious, he has to have space in which he can expand his horisont and gather new experiences. I am the future" Furthermore I told them that I did not feel like been held back by stupid imbesils...

    Heheh the funny part was that my english teacher admitted that I was one of the more brighter pupils she has had in several years and that i really had a big talent. And actually the principle also agreed on this, but he said that he couldn't let such a thing (my exam) go unpunished, so they decided that i would get a C- on my exam.

    so now I gotta work my ass off in order to get an A on me term-card...well well...

    - Cent
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