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Thread: Gaining weight to fast?

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    Gaining weight to fast?

    4 weeks ago i was 193lbs. Today i am 200lbs. I have trying to bulk up i am eating 3,000cals a day along with 2 Pro shakes (Nitrean+) Results (after work out and on days off), and BCAA+ (2scoops) during my work out. I look and I don't know where they weight is going to. I asked my wife if it was just me becuase i look the best i ever have and I feel great. She said I don't look like my old 200lbs when i didn't work out. So over 4 weeks i put on 7lbs is this normal?

    Food I eat:
    Tons of grilled or baked Chicken
    Lean Red Meat
    Eggs/ Egg whites
    whole grain bread
    peanut butter (alot)
    Just to give you all Idea.

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    I did the same and put on fat, strength went up so I'm fine with it.
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    First, it's only 7 lbs, get over it. Then, it's likely you have put on some muscle with that weight. Lastly, don't be a slave to the scale, trust the mirror and your wife.

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    You gained just over 1.5lbs a week. That's a good healthy rate.

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    Thank you for your help! As far as the scale i might go on it once a month if that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeepmiller09 View Post
    i look the best i ever have and I feel great
    What does a number matter then?
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    sounds good to me... not too fast at all..
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    Weight is easy to put on for me but hard to get off. Went from 190 to 230 in just a few months but my body fat went up to 25%. Ugh its hell trying to get it back down under 15.

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