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Thread: Help crash my cravings!

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    Help crash my cravings!

    So like the title says. Lately I've been craving sweets and carbs a lot. This pretty much happens around this time of the year for me when I don't need to be "cut". Not sure if it's the cold weather or my body got used to it. Either way, I wanna control it or if someone could suggest healthier alternatives over bagels and doughnuts .

    Thanks guys!
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    Fake sugar is your friend. Sugar free jello, crystal light, home made low carb ice cream, stuff like that.

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    I find diet soda cures this craving for me (coke zero usually)

    Or work some sweets into your diet... IIFYM

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    sugar free syrup on some foods... i'll put it in a salad.... or have it on some egg whites... curves my cravings... --Actor, Bodybuilder, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

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    Chromium picolinate noticeably helps for me.
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