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Thread: Mouth guard

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    Mouth guard?

    So I've started to find I grit/grind my teeth when lifted; especially on bench and deadlift. I do this pretty much without thinking about it so I'm finding it difficult to control.
    I know this is a bad habit and that it can probably do damage to my mouth and teeth. With this in mind I see 2 courses of action: 1. try to break the habit or, 2. get a good mouth guard.
    Now, it might seem obvious that the best option is to simply stop doing it, but I already feel like that may not be the most realistic option. Just seeking general advice/input on this issue and if anyone wants to recommend a good mouth guard.
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    I used to grind my teeth, but once I started taking a big breath of air before lifting, I wasn't able to grind them any more.

    But if you have to use one, go for it. Not a super big deal. Just be sure you can breath correctly with whatever one you go with.

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    I saw a pamphlet in my gym in regards to an under armor mouth piece that helps solve this or acts as a non-contact sport mouth guard.
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    Thanks for the advice on breath work/control... will give it a try!

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    i use a mouthguard on all my ME lifts. I tend to clench my teeth very hard and have chipped teeth in the past. nothing wrong with using a mouthguard imo.

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    I use a cheap MG on heavy lifts and I like it.... would a custom fitted expensive one be even better? I suppose, but its really not in the budget
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    I use a mouth guard ALL THE TIME NOW. I get headaches from heavy lifting, not from grinding my teeth and the mouthguard seems to solve that problem for me. THe nice mouthguards cost a lot though. Its sorta a pain in the butt wearing the mouthguard, you look stupid with one in, and its a pain taking it out whenever someone wants to talk to you. But aleviating the headaches is worth it.

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    That Under Armor mouth guard is ~$100...... !

    I tried a few mouth guards because I used to clench pretty bad. In the end it was just easier to take a big breath and not clench than to have to deal with one more thing on the platform.
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