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    A year ago today

    One year ago today I was 282 pounds and miserable. I took some pictures and made a goal.

    Bench - 165
    Squat - 235
    Dead - 270

    282 From the front October 29th 2010

    282 From the back October 29th 2010

    October 29th 2011 I'm 220 pounds and I've never been happier. I started by running to the gym everyday and cutting back on what I was eating. I dropped a good bit of weight pretty quick and just went from there.

    bench - 255
    Squat - 340
    Dead - 375

    220 from the Front October 29th 2011

    220 from the Back October 29th 2011
    Lifts @ 6'2 235lbs
    Bench: 165/285/330 (11/22/11)
    Squat: 235/405/440 (2/2/12)
    Dead: 270/500/440 (1/26/12)
    Total: 1190 lbs

    Where I came from

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    SOLID work, sir.
    My training journal:
    thecityalive is dead meat
    Current RAW PRs:
    Bench:255 (9/30/13)
    Dead: 535 (1/12/15)
    Squat: 455 (1/8/15)
    Total: 1245 lbs.

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    Yes sir, nicely done. Keep it up.

    Off Road Journal

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    great work
    I am not "the" Bo Jackson, i just stole his name.....
    6'1 230
    Squat 555 - belt only
    Bench 340 - raw(11.3.11)
    DL 540 - belt only
    "Dont confuse activity with progress." - Gene Stallings
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    huge improvement

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    Great job man! Stick with it, and imagine where you'll be this time next year!!!
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    Congrats. Keep it up. You are on the right track.
    "to teach God's word, by his own example; that we must Love all things that God made" - The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

    DL: 375 RAW No Belt, No Wraps, No nothing!
    SQ: 325 RAW " " "
    BP: 220 RAW " " "

    Total: 920 hahaha Not quite a 1000lbs (This was done back in 2008 )

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    Great work man, keep it up. Long term goals?
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    As of right now, all my long term goals are strength related. Basically within a year I want to have at least a 1.5:1 strength to weight ratio on all my core lifts: bench, squat, and dead lift. However I've already achieved that on my dead lift and squat, so I'll be shooting for 2:1 ratio on those two.

    The way I figure it with my current weight that would put me at a 330lb bench, 440 squat and 440 deadlift. I've yet to meet a person that puts up numbers like that who doesn't look huge, jacked, swole, beastly etc which is why all my goals are related to strength and not physique/weight.

    Its a big goal I know, but no one got anywhere dreaming small.
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    Lifts @ 6'2 235lbs
    Bench: 165/285/330 (11/22/11)
    Squat: 235/405/440 (2/2/12)
    Dead: 270/500/440 (1/26/12)
    Total: 1190 lbs

    Where I came from

    "If you want something you've never had, you must be willing to do something you've never done."

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    Thats awesome progress sir! Keep it up!

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