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Thread: Working out sick

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    Working out sick

    Do you guys like to still try and get in the gym if your sick?
    I came down with a pretty bad head cold and congestion and was wondering if my best bet is to go in the gym and give it 100% of what I have which will prob be around 70% of usual or just get some hard rest and relaxation and go back to hitting the gym when i can full strength.

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    I'd take rest. Chances are it will allow you to fight the cold off much quicker and give your whole body time to fully recover. I recently took time off under similar circumstances.

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    Workouts can also prolong the illness.
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    Take the time off. I had a cold with a low grade fever. I kept hitting the weights and jogging. I thought "I'm 17 and healthy, fuck it." I developed pneumonia.
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    Depends on how sick. If its just a little cold I push through it.
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    I generally try to Rx it. If it is a cold, fuck it, I'm going in. If I am stuck in bed, damn it, I'm staying there.
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    Depends on how sick and where I work out. Going to the gym sneezing and coughing all over everything can be disrespectful to the other members who workout there. If it's just a head cold, sometimes I'll play through. If it's full body sickness with aches and exhaustion, it's time to sit this one out.
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