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Thread: Do you guys do super-sets?

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    Do you guys do super-sets?

    I've been lifting for two years now. I was short on time one day and did super-sets to get in and out of the gym in time for work. Well, I fell in love with the workout. What do you guys think about super-setting the whole workout, is this to much?

    My routine when I do super sets:

    My reps are 12, 10, 8, 6, sometimes with a couple of clusters at the end. Rest time in between super-sets is 2 minutes.

    -Flat Bench Press and Rows

    -wide grip lat pulldowns and tricep ext

    -overhead press and hammer curls

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    I use them but I would not design a routine around them.
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    ^what he said.
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    You going to work your legs?

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    Doing tricep extensions first is going to make your overhead press suffer. Unless specializing, work your largest muscle groups first. When using super sets alternate opposing muscle groups.

    Bench - Row
    Pulldown - Overhead Press
    Tricep Ext - Curls

    Also, better to hit your top loads first when your freshest then use the same weight or lower the weight for subsequent sets. Use a lower rep warm up using 1-8 reps. Example, for a 200x6 top set:

    120x8 warm up
    140x5 warm up
    160x3 warm up
    180x1-2 warm up
    200x6 top set - continue with clusters or more sets (drop the weight if needed)

    Can also use a ramping approach like HCT-12 where all the reps remain the same for the warm ups.

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    I use super-sets to get through the fluff movements at the end of my workout quicker. I might do curls and tricep extensions, or pec-dec and reverse pec-dec, maybe some core stuff and plyo jumps. I just do it to squeeze in a bit more before I go home.

    The only major exercises I occasionally super-set are cleans/pull-ups/rows. It's hard but helps train the grip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chris mason View Post
    You going to work your legs?
    Yes, on leg days I do squats, stiff leg deadlift, calves raise, and abs. I didn't mention legs because I don't super-set anything on leg days.

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    I use them when I'm short on time. Generally when supersetting the 2nd exercise you do will suffer so I only do them with certain exercises. For instance I'll work in my ab exercise for the day or something like calf raises between sets of something like squats, rows, pull ups, etc.
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