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Thread: Nitrean Vanilla and price increase

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    Nitrean Vanilla and price increase


    Any word on when Vanilla Nitrean 4.6lbs will be back in stock. I wanted to take advantage of the scary15 sale, but looks like I'll have to miss this go round. I also noticed the prices on Nitrean went up compared to yesterday (not really a big deal, just an observation).

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    Yep, the price went up $2 per jug and it costs us over $4 per jug to produce than it did a few months ago. We really can't afford to eat any of the difference, but we did. It would blow your mind if you knew the true per jug cost of Nitrean (it is MUCH higher than you think).

    We should have Nitrean vanilla 4.6 back in stock in a couple of weeks.

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