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Thread: 2 quick novice question

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    Just a quick update for anyone that was questioning whether or not someone could progress using only dumbbells, It's now been one month and I've successfully been able to increase both my max weight and my max reps with it. I know those beginner gains won't last forever, but it just goes to show you don't need a gym to build muscle.

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    Just popping in to let you guys know how my dumbbell-only routine has been coming along. It's been almost two months and I've progressed a lot faster than I thought. You guys were definitely right when you said I'd max out my dumbbell plates sooner than I thought. Here's what I'm lifting now compared to the first week(per dumbbell, 3x10):

    Dumbbell Bench Press:
    Then: 20 lbs.
    Now: 43.6 lbs.

    Dumbbell Incline Press:
    Then: 20 lbs.
    Now: 37.6 lbs.

    Dumbbell Squat:
    Then: 20 lbs.
    Now: 45.7 lbs.

    Alternate Bicep Curls:
    Then: 16 lbs.
    Now: 23.6 lbs.

    Bent arm dumbbell Pullover:
    Then: 20 lbs.
    Now: 32.4 lbs.

    One arm tricep extension:
    Then: 10 lbs.
    Now: 14.2 lbs.

    Arnold press:
    Then: 16 lbs.
    Now: 24.4 lbs.

    Front Raises:
    Then: 10 lbs.
    Now: 14.4 lbs.

    Dumbbell Row:
    Then: 20 lbs.
    Now: 43.6 lbs.

    Dumbbell Deadlift:
    Then: 20 lbs.
    Now: 43.6 lbs.

    Stiff legged deadlift:
    Then: 20 lbs.
    Now: 30 lbs.

    Unfortunately my plates only go up to 47 lbs. Looks like it's time to join a gym!
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    Quote Originally Posted by thecityalive View Post
    Gym memberships are a bitch. As someone who works in a commercial gym - they are quite a scam. Start up fees, annual fees, and (sometimes) cancellation fees. This only applies if you go with an Electronic Funds Transfered, or EFT plan. We do offer Paid In Full memberships (which don't include any bullshit fees, but if you've guessed by now, we don't publicly advertise them*)

    Example: At the Powerhouse Gym I work at, one of our more popular rates is 29.99/month. It costs 198.98 down to get started. You pay for 40 processing fee (bullshit fee), 99 initiation fee (I call it the frat fee), and two months in advance at 29.99 (your first and last month, basically collateral). What a lot of people don't ask or figure in is our 39.99 annual fee we charge once a year.

    So from the outside, it seems like you are paying for 359.88/year, but in reality, you pay 538.87.
    For our Paid In Full memberships, we sell a year for 399, which is why we don't advertise it.

    I tell a lot of my close friends who consider putting that money down for a gym membership - you could not get a gym membership, and potentially invest in used gym equipment for cheap (Power Rack, olympic weights, barbell, etc) and not have to deal with the bull shit that is (some) the commercial gym experience.

    But I digress. What you are doing is fine...for now. Eventually, you will get stronger and grow out of your current weight set up (IE: you may need additional weights).

    This is your dilemma, IMO. What are you going to do when this happens?
    Yep when I was thinking about joining a gym this is exactly what pushed me out the door. It's just to damn expensive I've been lifting for 6+ years and the amount of money I would have spent on a gym membership is ridiculous.

    I prefer to cram my weights and all that into my apartment. I don't have a kitchen table but that's fine with me my daughter would be the only one to use it anyway.

    I have everything I need and more then enough weights for my current lifts. When I need more I'll go buy them. Plus I can sell all of it and make some of my money back if for some odd reason I decide to do that.

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    Good work with the dumbbell training.

    And blimey, you yanks pay through the nose for Gym membership!

    My gym is 15 per month, no contract, no joining fee, no cancellation fee.
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