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    APF Southern States (Orlando Florida)

    The meet was a lot of fun with the usual outstanding comeraderie and fine job by Brain Schwab and the Orlando Barbell crew. Lonnnnnnng one though. Squats started at 10:30 a.m. and the last award given at about 11:00 p.m. Squats alone took 4.5 hours!

    Weighed in at 162.5 and competed in the raw, 165lb class, age 65+ division. Lots of guys over age 50 competed, by the way. I was the oldest full power lifter.

    Started with a very easy 275 squat, just to get on the boards. Had planned a final attempt with 345, but when I got called for depth with only 310 on my second (got sloppy), I backed off to 330, which I'd done several times in the gym. White lights.

    My left rotator had incurred a slight injury in September. It was back to 90%, but rather than risk a tear, I decided just pick a weight that would give me the total I wanted (assuming I made all planned deadlifts). That was 250, which went up without a problem.

    By the time deadlifts rolled around, it was 7:30, and I was delerious. Thank God for Jacked 3d and caffeinated gum! Opened with 420. Easy lift. Called for 450, which also went up without a hitch (pun intended). Final attempt was 480, which was challenging but not a grinder. White lights and a five pound PR.

    My 1060 total will put me in first place in the M3/M4's (over age 60) and sixteenth place, overall, on Powerlifting Watch's Current Master's Lifter Rankings. I had been thinking about packing it in after this meet, but now that ain't gonna happen. Hopefully, I'll become a member of the 500 lb Deadlift Club next year.
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