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Thread: Designing a Bulk for Off-Season

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    Designing a Bulk for Off-Season

    Hey all,

    I have been around the lifting game for quite a while and am getting back to living it for the off-season this winter. I have used Baby Got Back in the past with tremendous results as well as Starting Strength for hammering growth. However, I am wanting to develop my hips as well as work out imbalances between my legs. As such it makes doing a standard routine difficult. I have been looking at the "volume/recovery/intensity" design for a little bit because it allows me to work on imbalances and developing hip strength through volume and recovery days while still being able to go heavy on compound leg lifts on the intensity day.

    The overall goal is to put on as much size as possible using compound lifts. I am not concerned about showboat muscles like bulging biceps. I am a rugby player and as such leg strength is the most important part. In the past I have responded very well to working up to heavy singles, doubles, and triples in compound lifts.

    I would like to incorporate lifts such as Bulgarian split squats, step-ups, glute bridges, single leg deadlifts, etc. to help correct imbalances and to strengthen everything in my hips. However, I know how important compound lifts like squats are and I am having trouble confidently building a program.

    Here is what I scrawled down in class:

    - Elevated Split Squat 3x12
    - Glute Bridge 3x12
    - Straight-Leg Deadlift 6+cluster
    - Barbell Rows 6+cluster
    - Dumbell Shoulder Press 6+cluster
    - Dumbell Bench Press 6+cluster
    - Triceps Extension 6+cluster
    - Core Work

    - Single-Leg Good Morning 2x15
    - Single-Leg Deadlift 2x12
    - Chin-Ups 6+cluster
    - Shoulder Raise Circuit 3x10
    - Incline Dumbell Press 3x8
    - Biceps Curl 6+cluster
    - Core Work

    - Back Squat w/Bands 3RM
    - Bench Press w/Bands 2RM
    - Hang Cleans 5x1
    - Push Press 3RM
    - Leg Press 6+cluster
    - Close Grip Bench 6+cluster
    - Single-Arm Dumbell Row 6+cluster
    - Arnold Press 6+Cluster

    *6+cluster uses HCT-12 protocol.

    I feel like the intensity day is going to be too much volume, but I'm not sure how to set this up. Any input is welcomed and do not refrain from tearing it apart completely. I am here to gain strength and size, not grow my ego.

    All help is much appreciated,


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    What are these imbalances you are referring to?

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    Left glute doesn't always fire and the hamstring compensates for it. Also have an issue with my right knee. Not sure exactly what the issue is but the physio told me that doing the knee-driven single leg exercises would help with stabilizing.

    Like I said, this was just an idea to incorporate both compound leg lifts with the "rehab" work. If anyone has better ideas for programming this do not hesitate to chime in. All help is appreciated

    Any ideas, Chris?

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