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Thread: New intermittent fasting article by Dr. Berardi!

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    New intermittent fasting article by Dr. Berardi!

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    Thanks for getting strength experts to write these articles. Some of them are really informative.

    I'm going to try and lose weight soon without losing strength so this was a really good read.
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    Good article, thanks. Another good resource is, Martin Berkhan basically advocates 8 hour feed / 10 hour fast, +20% calories on workout days / -20% on rest days along with some carb cycling.

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    Good article, might have to read the E-book. I have had success doing leangains intermittent fasting so articles on this really interest me

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    Good Article. Downloaded the E-book and will read it in the coming days. I prefer an IF form of eating, as it works well with my lifestyle.
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    The pdf is worth a read. Good that he shared both the positives and negatives that he experienced. They match my own experiences with IF. The LeanGains approach didn't work too well for me. I hate being that strict and anal about food. I also started to get some pretty crazy cravings after a few weeks and wasn't even very lean yet.

    Interesting that he got pretty damn lean using just one 24 hour fast a week. I'm not sure I agree with Beradi's conclusion about 24 hour fast twice a week. I have read Eat Stop Eat and Beradi didn't do what Pilon suggests, which is to eat around maintenance or slightly above on normal days. Beradi was still eating below maintenance throughout the whole week (except one day) so adding in two 24 hour fasts would and did really screw him up.

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    I have been experimenting with a morning fast, yes, I know it's not the same concept, but it is working for me. For years we have been told to do fasted morning cardio to burn fat. So to generalize, wouldn't just doing day to day things fasted in the morning burn fat?

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