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The Five Biggest Contradictions in Fitness

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Thread: Need a belt

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    Senior Member benny's Avatar
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    May 2002

    Need a belt

    I would like to know if anybody has an opinion of the following belts

    I used my friends Inzer Lever belt today and it was awesome!! I don't really need the adjustability of a prong vs. the lever since I typically workout by myself in the garage. Does anybody have the Elite FTS belt? What about the 10mm vs a 13mm? I'm 175# and squat and deadlift around 300# right now. From what I've read the lever is the way to go and I probably only need a 10mm. Is Inzer as horrible to order from as I've read online? Any other belts to check out?

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    illinois fattest lifter theBarzeen's Avatar
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    I had an Inzer when I was fatter and wore thicker gear.... it took forever to get here, but was okay once it broke in.

    In 2009 I spent a little more money and bought a "Bobs Belt" .... google them..... they made me a belt to my exact waist size with extra holes so that I can wear it over full gear at my maximum bloat and also when I am trim and skinny and lifting raw, and I got to pick the colors etc.... the roller on the buckle is top notch too with no seam...... the levers seem good too, but I don't own one. Because it was custom made it took a good 6 weeks to get here but was well worth it.

    If you want off the shelf though ( and that's fine too)..... elite fts had a lever belt in their clearance section as of this morning for under $50, and their belts are at least as good as Inzer's.
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    Rob Schilke | GFX Designer thecityalive's Avatar
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    I have an Inzer Forever 10mm two prong belt and I weigh 180 lbs. I had the same dilemma as you did with the thickness of the belt. To me, it was more of a question of "will 3 extra millimeters really make that much of a difference?"

    My official answer is: I don't know. As my belt is my first and only (so far) belt purchase I've ever made, it is hard to theorycraft what having a 13mm would be like in comparison to the thinner 10mm. Now, I could imagine it just being stiffer, which would probably be better for a bigger guy, but my belt does what I need it to, and that's to provide a wall for my abdominals to press up against to keep my torso tight.

    Some people might suggest a single prong over a double because "getting a double prong belt off is a pain in the ass." I own a double, and I never have had an issue with taking it off. Before I even wore the thing, I did roll it and break it down so it would be easier to get on/off, but I feel that is just something most belt owners do anyway. I've heard people driving their car tires over their belts. IDK. To me, a double prong is an aesthetic feature (as well as helps distribute the pressure from the prongs onto the holes.)

    In regards to Inzers delivery time n such...I didn't have a nightmare story like some. Perhaps it's because I ordered a black belt, but mine came within a week.

    There is part of me that wants a lever belt. I have a 32" waist and I ordered a medium belt from Inzer - I get to the 5th hole (of 9)
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    I am a bigger guy (315ish LB) and I had a 13mm lever (Inzer) and it was very thick and it hurt my sides when I deadlifted in it. I went with a 10mm 1prong (also inzer, black) and I love it. I have gotten a lot of stuff from Inzer. The only time I had horror stories is when I was buying Gear (shirts and suite). However off the rack belts usually ship in a couple days.

    My friend had a 10mm lever and the hook notches actually ripped after about 5mo and Inzer would not warranty it. That is the only issue I have heard of.

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    JERSEY IRON Brian C's Avatar
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    Feb 2009
    For your size and strength abilities, a single prong 10mm is all you need.
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    Senior Member SELK's Avatar
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    10mm I find a little better to pull in, but i prefer the 13mm for full geared squats. At your strength 10mm will be fine though. Just get a singleprog they are easier to use.
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    Yeah. I'd get a single prong 10mm for now. It will cover all of your needs. Later as you are squatting more you may want to add a 13mm belt to your equipment stock. The 10mm will still be there for pulling and benching and will be more comfortable for those lifts. I have had double prongs in the past and hate them. I have both single prong and lever belts but prefer my single prongs.
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    Senior Member benny's Avatar
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    there's a guy with an Elite FTS 13mm single prong for sale on the CF board that I'm going to get (he only wants $30 + shipping). If something falls through with that I'll get the 10mm Lever just for ease of use. Thanks for all the advice.
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    Senior Member barryisawinnah's Avatar
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    Mar 2011
    Sarasota, FL
    Quote Originally Posted by benny View Post
    there's a guy with an Elite FTS 13mm single prong for sale on the CF board that I'm going to get (he only wants $30 + shipping). If something falls through with that I'll get the 10mm Lever just for ease of use. Thanks for all the advice.
    Can't beat that. I have that belt and it is everything I can ask for. Took a long time to break in though.

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