The Overkill Power Pit crew is getting ready for the Lexen meet in March.....

This is the beginning of our heavy training cycle.....

Jose Garcia does a few light sets breaking in his briefs ( only 830#)
Jason Patrick works up to 1010 in just briefs
Raw-Dog Dave works up to 650 ( no wraps)
Noel Levario works up to his come-back meet with an easy 730 in briefs
Franco hits an easy 650 and pulls a nice 6-plates to top it off
I planned to work up to somewhere around my 3 attempts...
950 went easy 1020 was harder than it should have been ( both were called right at parallel, I know they look high in the video) I took 1060 for a ride as well.... it went down and up but felt heavy and I wussied out and cut it high... really high..... Nobody to blame but myself and I'm not happy about it. I made up for it by pulling what I planned to be my deadlift opener for three reps, raw, no belt..... I think it's time to raise that opener.

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