Several weeks ago i did my first comp after a 2yr layoff going 950-605-735-2290 @275, which qualified me for APF nationals in June. I have a long way to go to get back into PR territory for my squat, bench and total but after taking a week off after the meet, i am getting back into my training.

Saturday Bench

Warmup: Flat DB Press 55s 3x15, bowling pin swings, band rows 3x20

Fat Bar Bench
bar x20
410x1 PR

Flat DB Press 100s 2x15 Supersetted w/rev hyper shrugs 3x20
Chest supported rows 3x20 supersetted w/1 arm band extensions 3x20
Standing Abs 5x10 supersetted w/ 2 extra sets of 1 arm band extensions for rt arm

Overall a good day for my first day back benching, the 410 fat bar press came up easy and i didnt push beyond that due to my history of bilateral pec tears.