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Thread: Bulking while Cutting: unnecessary?

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    Cutting while Bulking: unnecessary?

    I've made massive progress since I started training at the gym at the end of June this year: 19.2 bs muscle gain and 17.5 lbs fat loss. (I was skinny-fat) I've gone from 30.5% lean muscle mass and 28.4% bodyfat to 45% lean muscle and to 14% bodyfat.

    So in the past four-plus months my body has undergone a radical composition shift. The muscle gains and fat loss were really dramatic at first and now my body seems to have settled in to a 1-2 lbs muscle gain per month with my bodyfat fluctuating within a small range.

    I've been keeping my bodyfat between 13-14% and would like to go lower but wonder
    if trying to drop bf while gaining lean muscle mass at this point is just going to hamper my muscle growth. Should I focus solely on my protein and caloric intake and keep cardio to a minimum for right now, or is it possible to maintain my current bf or even drop it while still steadily gaining muscle mass?
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