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    The Legend of Bombdog Mortimer

    So I am just getting things going again after competing in GPC Worlds last friday. I cut weight to make the 220s and ended up bombing. I dropped my openers as I knew I didnt feel right even though I got my weight back up to around 238lbs. My first squat was high and then the next two attempts got in front of me coming out of the hole. No excuses. I just wasnt strong enough. I decided to lift on until I heard a crack and pop from my shoulders followed by shooting pains down both arms when warming up raw on the bench. Game over. Sat with ice on both shoulders feeling miserable with myself. I imagine that my joints were completely dehydrated after the cut.

    Tough lesson learnt the hard way. Hopefully however, it is going to be the best thing that happened to me.

    Here is my first squat. I jumped the up command and made a meal of it. Again being honest, it felt like a truck. I screwed the pooch.


    One of my training partners cut weight to the 165s. He also bombed being unable to lock out his opening bench. 506lbs, a weight that he can usually do in his sleep. His gear was hanging on him. In a crazy turn of events he downed about 6 litres of water and packed away as much food as he could. Ran upstairs to weigh ins and weighed in at 182.16lbs and entered the open 198s lifting the next day......where he placed 2nd with a 1848 total @ an actual BW of 179. EPIC!!!

    Anyhoo, I was back in the gym on Tuesday to get things on the move again. My next comp is on the 14th April. ~16 weeks which aint that far.

    Last few sessions.........

    kept things very gentle

    Tues 22nd Nov
    worked up to

    Leg Press

    45* Back Raises

    Standing Pulldown Abs

    Thurs 24th Nov


    Stopped as I could feel the pain in both shoulders but pleased I could even handle this weight.

    Inc DB
    45sx15 (x3) almost theraputic more than anything

    Ghetto TBars

    4x10 (2 close handles / 2 wide)

    Single tri Pressdowns
    3x15 each

    EZ Bar Curls

    Sat 26th Nov

    triples up to
    484x3 beltless

    Wide GMs

    HS Lat Pulldowns

    Leg Ext

    Seated Leg Curl

    Weighted Decline Abs

    As I said, I took things very easy. I had planned not to do the main lifts and just hit accessory stuff each day but where is the fun in that. No squats or deadlifts? C'mon....

    I have been eating clean through the week hitting 4500 cals daily. This Friday and Saturday I have just eaten everything and anything. Went for dinner with my wife last night. I had a steak topped with lightly battered jalapenos, garlic and herb fries and a cheese, chilli and tequila sauce. It was unreal. I could do it again right now. I want to pack on some mass right now which is just as well with xmas coming up. I have noted how much better I feel during the week when eating quality calories. Loads of chicken, pollock, sweet potatoes, spinach, rice, egg whites, oats, cottage cheese etc. The usual bland stuff. I have also had to eat a lot of peanut butter which is no bad thing

    Look, no squats or deadlifts effects your spelling too. Thats too.
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