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Dude!!! I'm good bro, how the hell have you been? I'm back for a while again at WBB. We're trying to get the old crew back, Keph just came back yesterday. I'm trying to get some strength back after recovering from elbow surgery and I'm working on my cardio. What are you focusing on these days? Looks like full PL. A 700 squat? Holy Moses you are the man. Nice to still see you here brother.
Im good Jedley. Just been training hard, working hard. You know. Hope your elbow is recovering. Was it an injury? Im a full bore multi-ply gear whore so my numbers really arent very impressive, relatively speaking.

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Nice work, hope you hit some big numbers.
Thanks Nick, me too .

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Justin - jeez, talk about strength gains since i posted in here last!! good luck at the meet man. set some good numbers so i can chase them myself!
Cheers Rob. Really, it has been a while then lol. I couldnt maintain my training on the CBL so I bought Shely Starnes' Lean Gain Protocol. Very straight forward carb cycling and I friggin' love it. Easy to follow.

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Good war story and huge DB shoulder pressing bro!!
Cheers big Nick. More like a story of stupidity lol.

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Wow, look who's back. You back for good?
I fully expect Keith to start posting again at this rate.