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Thread: AtLarge Nutrition Dave Hoff's near miss with 1,000 lbs

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    AtLarge Nutrition Dave Hoff's near miss with 1,000 lbs

    AtLarge Nutrition Dave Hoff's near miss 1,000 lbs bench press attempt at the SPF North of the Border meet this last weekend. He had already benched 925 and 965 and squatted 1,200 lbs! He ended up with a record all-time total of 2,960 lbs.


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    Holy hell he is so breaking a G in a full meet! Did Louie create this kid in a lab or something?
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    Thats fucking sick to say the least and he was so close! Quick question tho is his shirt over his elbow? Just looks like it to me but still a great attempt!

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    Louie is very conscious of what a special athlete Dave is.

    I was at the meet and mentioned to Louie a couple of observations about Dave:

    - The heavier the weight the easier it looks for him. His heaviest attempts look no different than his lightest.

    - He is amazingly calm between attempts and throughout the meet. You can talk to him like you are having lunch and he looks to have zero stress about lifting insane inhuman loads.

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    Hoff is an incredible lifter. I see him getting that 1000 lb. bench in March at the Ironman.

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    965 in a full meet is absurd. His bench climes every meet and I'm sure he will hit 1000 soon.
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    big, big bench......
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    Gym PR's... don't count ... time to do another meet!

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    Hoff is a phenomenal lifter and at a very young age too. I can't wait to see what the future holds for him.

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    I thought he was going to have that. Sure as hell didn't look as hard as the other videos of 1000lbs benches I've seen. His setup looks so casual in comparison too.
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    I cant beleive how close he came with it. I overheard him talking afterwards about how it really didn't feel heavy in his hands. Thats just uncomprehensible to me!

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    Freaking amazing. Impressive bench.

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    Unreal. I cant imagine what it would be like to hold 1000 lbs like that let alone press it.

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    I remember when he did 900 it seemed crazy. And now 1000 is pretty much expected in the near future. I cant believe how much his numbers go up. I figure MY numbers should go up more since i bench in the 500's. Obviously hes got his training figured out really good!

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