Havent been on here for a while..not even sure if this is the appropriate place to start this thread but why not:

I just finished my past year of football as a linemen(center), and currently working to start my first year of college ball hopefully(as a linebacker, however.) Im about 6 ft, 223 lbs right now and want to hit 250 by summer, then cut back down to 220ish by the end. Im actually using the laid-out program for dysmorphia training with a few modifications made by me. My thoughts being I can get the juices flowing a bit and gain a few muscle lbs before I start a heavier powerlifting phase. However, i need to get faster. The speed camp/drills im about to start are on mondays and wednesdays every week. Im using the monday-tuesday-thursday-friday layout for lifting. (mon/thurs upper, tues/fri lower.)

-Should I modify my lifting days in any way to reek a better benefit? EX: Mon/thurs lower, tues/fri upper?
-What kind of future programs would be ideal after the DT phase?
-Good stretching/athletic performance enhancing techniques?
-Any other tips, concerns, helpful-ness, really anything you want to share.

I realize this is an extremely big topic so bear with me.
I consider myself a pretty good lifter than can do some moderate/difficult movements.
Current max's: Bench: 315 Squat: 405 Deads: 500

Thanks everyone.