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Thread: forearms / wrists and claves??

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    forearms / wrists and claves??

    my larger body parts, chest, back, bi's, tri's all respond well to the 5x5 program so i'm wondering what range of reps should work best for forearms or calves?

    it seems that going really heavy for these parts will lead to injury so is 12 - 18 a good range? or?

    forearm curl (palms up then down)
    calves - seated or standing machine

    just started these twice a week, what do u think?
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    Calves are very hard to hit, there use to carrying your body around.
    Try high rep high sets example 4x25
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    Have you ever tried Dante Trudel's Doggcrapp training for calves?
    I've trained DC a couple of years ago, but I can recall it was something like: 10 second "tempo" lowering, 10 seconds pause stretching at the lower portion of a calf machine, 5 second tempo going up and a 5 second pause there.
    Maybe, I am wrong with the seconds on the pauses, but you can google this.
    In my experience, its a wonderful way of training your calves.

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