Hey so i had this injury about 2 months ago, was in the gym doing shoulder press with 40s 8 reps and on the 5-6 rep i felt my left shoulder move in a weird way not a crack,rip or anything it just moved weird, i continued, next set lowered my weight and this time i felt it TWICE on about the 3 rep and then again on 5 rep or something after that my shoulder hurt, tried to do one more set of the next exercise but i thought about it and i called it a day, next day i barely could put my arm in shoulder press position because of the pain, 1-2 weeks later pain went down, but it still hurt pushups, pullups, etc... its been about 2 months now, and through careful rehab exercises i did the first month and then some safe training i did, during the 2 month like my routine went like this chest and shoulder 2 rest days in which i did jump rope/abs, back and biceps, rest day, triceps, rest day, legs, rest day i did abs during the rest days, i chose exercises carefully and i am not pushing myself to the max yet hopefully will be fine after Christmas, my shoulder i feel its about 90 percent healed im still being careful, this week it'll be my "recovery week" in which im only doing legs and abs and some stretching. So i don't know what do you think..