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Thread: Teenager looking for tips and constructive criticism!

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    Teenager looking for tips and constructive criticism!

    Hey guys new to this forum here but after looking through some topics it's evident that you guys have a great resourceful community here! I was just looking for some advice and comments from a wider range of people other than just my group of peers and hoping to build on your guys' advice and stuff. Here are my stats right now...
    (As of December 15, 2011)
    Name: Erick
    Weight: 113-115 lbs
    Body fat percentage: 4.2%
    A few of my lifting statistics (maxes)..
    Bench:145 lbs
    Power Clean: 135 lbs
    Squats: 275 lbs
    40 yd.: 4.9
    Vertical: 30"
    Agility (cones): 4.9
    Some track stats (this was from last spring season, have gotten stronger and faster etc since then): 100m: 12.8, 200m:26.5, 400m: 58
    There! I may be a somewhat small guy but I'm determined to get stronger and faster and show everyone whats up haha. I'll accept all tips and constructive criticism. My training regiment per week is at the least 4 times a week, I take a weight training class at school where we lift for 90 mins a period either twice or three times a week and my apartment has a nice gym with dumbells and treadmills and other machines but no free weights (for flat bar bench or squats etc.)
    EDIT: Oh and i take my vitamins everyday and the only supplement I use is N.O Xplode 2.0 one scoop per workout. I down about 64-80 fl oz. of water a day
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