Hey guys, I've been lurking for the last couple months ironically since I stopped working out. Hit a rough patch with scheduling and school and all sorts of stupid reasons to derail training. Went from a athletic high school kid to a skinny fat college kid, back to a skinny guy now that I'm 22 and in my last semesters of college. At 6'0 and 172lbs, up from 154ish when i started an LP for several months and ended about 2 months ago and I've been on a dry spell. Worked up to exercise again and decided to hit HCT-12 and start a log for accountability. After lurking all the questions and other guys logs, I have decided on an A1-A2 B1-B2 layout with M T Th Fri as my workout days that way I can bench, press, squat, and dead one day each without doing them together because I just can't hack press after bench etc.
Split is going to be for the first few weeks -

Bench press
DB Shoulder press
Weighted Chins
DB one arm row
Skullcrushers(til I get dip bar)

Front Squat
Calf raise
Hammer curls
Hanging leg raise

DB Bench
BB Row
Rack Chins
Close grip bench

Back squat
Calf Raise
EZ bar curl

Starting numbers as of a few months back
Press - 120 x 5
Bench - 200 x 5
Squat - 240 x 5
Dead - 300 x 5
Chins - BW+35 x 8

Will post this weeks 3 workouts tom. as I started on Tues, let the games begin