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Thread: Who all is doing the XPC Coalition Bench or Fullpower?

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    Who all is doing the XPC Coalition Bench or Fullpower?

    The prize money is secured and looking to be a good meet with around twenty Russians making the trip to Columbus.

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    I am doing it, lifting on Saturday. Should be a great meet, looking forward to getting my ass kicked very badly.
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    I am lifting on the pro/elite day as well ---- Selk-- i too will take quite the beating but it should be a really good time
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    I tried to get a pro total in, but will have to suffer the shame of lifting Elite with my tiny total.

    Money is tight, but if I can get back on my feet before the entry deadline I will be there for sure.
    At worst I'll go with my team to wrap knees and help out.
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    You mean there are websites that you can talk about this meet and not have it deleted? I didn't know that. Some websites are apparently very controlled lol

    I will be there. Also my training partner JB Hill (815@275) will be there. Looking forward to it
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