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Thread: Need help, please.

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    Need help, please.

    I'm 18.
    I'm 6 foot 2.
    I'm 272 pounds.
    I have a 6 foot 6 wingspan.

    I want to lose weight and gain muscle.
    However, I'm not as smart as you guys are at this.
    I've been doing a little protein and lifting a little but nothing major because I wanted to know everything that I need to know before going at it hardcore.
    I've been eating turkey, chicken, salad, brown rice, water, protein shakes, etc.
    Steve Poynter, owner of the Iron Pit in Richmond, Kentucky has been helping me but I'd love more advice.
    Can someone help me? Please.

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    Listen to the guy you have been getting advice from. It sounds like you are at least starting on the right track.

    If you are looking for a detailed plan, I can help you with that and answer all of your questions. It is not free, however, but I can teach you more in 10 weeks than it takes most people years to figure out on their own or with a little advice here ans there. Check out the link in my signature (look under the training programs link my site) if you are interested. I would be willing to give you a discount since you are younger and probably don't have a lot of money. Send me a private message or email if interested.
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    Thanks for the advice but unfortunately, all my money right now is going towards my gym membership.

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    I mean what advice are you looking for? How to grow?

    I mean the jist of it is to consume calories, intake aprox 1g of protein per lb of body weight, eat after your workouts, and finally....smash fucking weights.
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    I want to lose weight while gaining muscle. I'm not very smart with what kind of workouts to do, etc.


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